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Time is priceless! Time is precious! We understand that in deciding to give up three days of a non-teaching break, teachers need to feel that they have the opportunity to be informed and challenged. They do not want more of the same! This national conference will help you make the best use of your time and will give you opportunities to explore, understand and be better informed on issues that impact on you as teachers.
The requirement for a forward thinking education sector is paramount if it is to meet the demands of the future. Every student deserves teachers who are suited to teaching, well trained and qualified; high skilled; caring and committed to moving forward the learning of their students. Learning is not an isolated process that takes place during certain years of one’s life in formal education. It is a continuum in which individuals are ‘students’ throughout their lives as they continue to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their personal needs, work aspirations, their communities and ultimately, the country as a whole. Here is an opportunity for you to enhance your learning and understandings.

The aim of this national conference is not on workshop style presentations such has ‘what to teach period 3 on a Tuesday in business studies; or how to assess a particular skill in digital technologies; or how many journals need to be prepared for accounting students to understand the process; or indeed how to improve economics students graphing techniques. Rather it is a big picture focus by addressing continual professional learning as central to building capabilities, encouraging teachers to first look to their own strategies and processes, and then consider:
- perspectives on problem solving processes
- how the latest education developments can help you advance and improve
- spotlights on hot topics, such as innovation, strategy, leadership
- tipping points towards success
- breakthroughs of information from experts
- new thinking and technologies
- a rich repertoire of skills, methods and approaches on which to draw
- possibilities to provide a right mix for specific needs of individual students.

We all understand that the quality of teaching is the main driver of successful student learning outcomes. This national conference will allow participants to challenge current practice; create new metaphors; envision new possibilities; learn about innovative approaches and best practices; explore different ideas; expand horizons; reignite the spirit, and invigorate their vision. It will turn challenges into opportunities by enhancing your perspective!

The programme will include perspectives from the experts with a mix of inspiring keynotes and optional sessions with out-of-the-box thinking about how to create and nurture a dynamic learning environment. The sessions address what is good, what should be done, and how it should be done. Some of the topics are:
- e-learning – how you might use the power of technology to advantage
- holistic learning development – challenge your thinking about a sustainable environment with student participation
- brainwave – what we should know about how brain development impacts on development and learning
- technology – understanding it
- external assessments – what the results tell us about business studies
- development in incubators – how they contribute to business and the economy
- thinking skills – approaches using SOLO taxonomy
- simplifying the accounting standards framework
- Asia NZ Foundation – what is it and the opportunities offered

We are privileged to have inspiring expert presenters who are nationally respected. As we are also privileged to have two key sponsors of the conference The College of Business and Law, The University of Canterbury and the CPA.

CETA conferences have always been considered a most effective way to improve personal practice as they offer participants a professionally focussed opportunity to be better informed and better prepared while connecting, learning and sharing with colleagues - just like you! Come and see for yourself! Make sure one of the conference seats is yours!

Enhancing Your Perspective also gives us an opportunity to support our Christchurch colleagues and see for ourselves how Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region are coming alive with a range of dynamic and innovative developments.

One of CETA’s strategic goals is to enhance our national connectedness and we are pleased to take a leadership role in offering a conference, primarily for the benefit of our members who Educate Young People who will be Significantly Different!

Let’s Meet in Christchurch!