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Te Aka Pouhoko, Pouoha Tōpū O Aotearoa

CETA provides members with a range of resources and products for teaching and learning in the curriculum areas of Accounting, Business/Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Digital Technologies. The resources are described in detail in subject catalogues which are updated at the beginning of each school term. Sample extracts of resources are available on request.

There is a separate catalogue for resources relating to Te Reo Māori & Mātauranga Māori, Financial Capability, Connected/Integrated/Cross-Curricular and the wide variety of CETA subject Posters.

Ordering Resources from NZCETA

  • All prices are GST inclusive.
  • Only use the correct order form. Orders will be accepted via email or post – no telephone.
  • orders are acceptable. If payment is not attached, a school order number must be given.
  • When ordering resources from the CETA catalogue, write the name and number of the resource in the blank space provided at the end of the order form.
  • Please remember to indicate whether you require a whether you require a USB stick or disk of the resource materials you are ordering.
  • When an order is received CETA prepares a Tax Invoice, including the CETA GST number. If payment accompanies the order, the invoice is stamped ‘Paid’, if not it is stamped “Payment Due within Seven Days”. The invoice is sent with the order as well as emailed to your school..
  • Members’ differential: to take advantage of the differential we offer to CETA members, it is essential that you complete the appropriate section on the order form with your membership number. To receive this differential the order must be made by a member and not on behalf of another person, or by quoting another member’s number. We know that members appreciate this differential, and we are keen to continue our policy, but we must ensure that it is not abused, or it will be necessary to reconsider.

All resources are sent using courier services. A processing, packaging and courier cost is payable on all orders.

Courier service: The courier service CETA uses requires all mail to be addressed to a street address. For this reason, it is essential to supply a school street address on all resource material orders. A post office box or private bag is
not acceptable.

  • CETA would like to encourage members and schools to use direct crediting when paying for subscriptions, professional development, and resource purchases. Please note that if this type of payment is used it is essential to indicate what the payment is for, example “resources”, “PD”, “subs – name of member”.
  • All prices include GST.
  • NZCETA Bank account details for those schools wishing to pay directly to NZCETA Bank account is below. It is essential if using this method of payment that a full name and what the payment is for, e.g. subs, resources, PD etc, is stated.
    Account Name: NZ Commerce and Economics Teachers Assn
    Bank Name:                        Westpac, Oamaru
    Bank:                                    03
    Branch:                                0937
    Account Number:             0196452
    Suffix:                                   00

All NZCETA resources are checked by experienced subject experts prior to them being made available for sale. . Please note that this is not an official NZQA moderation.

All NZCETA resources have copyrite which is indicated in the footer on each resource.A copyright statement has been included in the NZCETA Newsletter for a number of years. We wish to emphasise this statement as we know some people have breached Copyright and NZCETA wishes to make it clear that it will not hesitate to take action if this continues. Reference can be made to The Copyright Act 1994, Section 44 (revised in January 1998) regarding educational establishments. The purchasing of a resource is not gaining prior permission. Please note the following statement which appears on all NZCETA resource materials.

All rights reserved. No part of publications which have the copyright statement may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of the copyright owner – NZCETA, PO Box 95, Oamaru.

Permission is given for this resource material to be reproduced by the purchaser for their own classroom use only.

If any person copies any copyright materials without permission of NZCETA, then that person has infringed copyright, has broken the law and may be subject to Court proceedings.

Use of NZQA copyright materials: CETA has obtained permission from NZQA to use, where appropriate, Achievement Standards Criteria and Unit Standards Criteria, as well as NZQA produced NCEA resources to support CETA produced resources.

For further information contact:

CETA Education Services
PO Box 95
Oamaru 9444
Phone: 03 434 7099